VIRCO Pilot Operated Safety Valves (POSVs) are designed acc. to ASME SEC VIII, API 520 and API 526 standards. The full range of sizes from 1" x 2" up to 8" x 10" with all orifices from D – T is available for .pressure ratings up to pressure class 2500 x 600

Series 5100 : Pop Action Type

VCIRCO POSVs Series 5100 with quick opening

are used for applications where the certified discharge capacity needs to be reached quickly

are used for gas applications only

have an adjustable blowdown of 3 – 7% of set pressure

pressure conforming to ASME VIII which can be adjusted beyond API standard up to 15%


Series 5200 & 5400: Modulating Action Type

are used to minimize medium loss

are used if medium must not discharge to atmosphere

open in proportion to the overpressure to ensure that only as much mass flow is discharged from the safety valve as is necessary to prevent further pressure increase

are used for both liquid and gas applications

Different options and accessories are available for this series acc. to customer's request.

Backflow preventer

Manual blowdown

Field test connection

Exhaust pilot vent to the body outlet

Pilot supply filter

Compliant with NACE MR-0175 and MR-0103 for sour applications

High pressure design for orifices Q, R and T